Great write up as usual.

You've rightly flagged two players that stand out to me on these lists, too.

I *want* to love Forster, but across the past couple of years I don't think I've seen enough from him. He's rapid, which is an elite asset at any level, but his control lets him down, as does his quality on the ball in the final third. Maybe if he can bulk out a little he can be more of an asset, but I worry he's a bit of a luxury.

The other is George Alexander. I watched a good chunk of him in pre-season last year and thought he'd stick around (before we signed Marriot). He does the ugly work better, I think, than anyone else in the side. He chases every lost cause, challenges for every ball, and is a real sh*thouse and menace when he's on the pitch.

I don't think we have anyone like that, so I'd love to see him have a proper run of it this year.

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Thanks Machel. Yes its good to see most of the squad has been retained as it was that team/squad spirit that got us to the play-off semi-final. Sowunmi is the most important for me. Getting in the team of the year was well deserved but will only give further interest to EFL clubs but hopefully giving him the Captaincy will swing the deal Bromley's way. Too me he has played even better since being given the armband.

If we can't get Stirk but let's hope we can AW must make the Midfield a priority. Stirk has been head and shoulders above the rest in the Midfield department and if we are looking for a Top 3 finish we need a playmaker. The last 10 games of the season saw us have far more possession and a far more attacking approach away from home particularly and its no coincide that Stirk was at the heart of this.

We also need to my mind a Young Centre back, to hopefully keep Cookie and someone to replace Alabi as back up to Cheek which we have never done. Marriott is a goalscorer but not a target man.

George Alexander or David Smith can hopefully develop but a replacement in the Charlie Kendall mould is a more likely option.

Like you say with Harry Forster it is the end product that is a problem. We may be better off with a Right Winger who can defend better and also cut in and have a better left-foot! if we can get one that is, as Harry at least has plenty of pace.

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The next piece is going to be on the recruitment plan for 2023/24 but as you say CM is a must and CB. I can only see another forward being signed if we let one go.

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Yes or if we loan someone out.

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