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As half of my Editor's Footnote got cut off (thanks Machel), here is the footnote in full:

"While the doomsayer in all of us will declare Bromley’s season DOA, it’s worth remembering that in their opening game last season, a loss away at Wealdstone, the team were similarly off-kilter. Nine months later, with a few personnel changes, that team was challenging for promotion via the play-offs.

However, seven years of poor starts suggest the club’s use of pre-season should be reassessed. Behind-closed-doors games are a wild card. What people do behind closed-doors is their business, but getting spanked by a Championship club every year is an unusual fetish. Still, the lack of a consistent first-team line-up in the open-door friendlies does raise questions.

This was particularly evident in the much-hyped game with Crystal Palace’s U23s, where the young squad on display left many fans feeling cheated. Andy Woodman didn’t want to risk his threadbare first team in a friendly; you can’t argue with the logic. But if your squad reach the end of pre-season in bits, you’re not doing pre-season right.

With an injury crisis engulfing the club, and some players looking shattered already, the management team might like to sit down with the Sports Science team and have a chat. Item one: Pre-season."

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I saw exactly the same that Mash describes, so for that - an excellent article! Whilst hugely disappointed with the result and the performance, I remain confident that the defensive effort will improve.

But I fear for the vision and creativity across the team. Vennings aside, there seems no speed of thought and action from the remainder. It was often obvious last season and it is clear to me where Woodman, Dunne, Aris et al need to concentrate.

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Fair points , at ht I still thought might nick a win or point at least but errors were bad ones . Agree on Vennings, thought Jude put in a very good shift too , never known so many injuries at same time , hope AW can get some quality in asap.

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Bergkamp also out, it's an insane.amount of players out

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