Great write up as per.

Agreed that Woods has been a revelation. Away from his goals, he's a joy to watch. An uncomplicated game, but the perfect foil for players like Corey, Dennis, Krauhaus. Not only that, but he allows the outside centre halves to push on freely, and provides cover for the wing backs.

I was a little worried when Bill left, but Woods looks a level even above.

As for the attendance? I honestly don't know. The Chairman suggested season tickets sales were on par with last season, but I've not felt that at games at all.

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No surprise to see Unsworth go, out of his depth, was a poor appointment in the first place. Common sense says appoint someone with knowledge of the surroundings, let's see if Frank goes sensible this time.

Good to see Woodsy doing well for you, likeable lad.

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Excellent match, great post match report - enjoy your coffee

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Another GREAT report Also seems Mr Unsworth got his just reward even if always sorry to see someone lose their job. Reminded me of some of past Bromley managers who you will recall !!

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Thanks Machel. Yes we did make it look easy. We are playing with a lot of confidence and a settled side really helps. 6 games in 3 weeks coming up so a vital part of the season. Important not to lose key players to injury. Yes we have a big squad now. 25 I counted if you include Sablier and Alexander out on loan plus Under 21 and Academy players but

AW will be mindful we made a similar start last season but lost our way in October November.

Will we able to maintain our form?

We have a poor record at Dagenham but as with Oldham a good time to play them.

I still believe the attacking threat of Passley, Cheek Whitely and Dennis is crucial. We haven't had any one since Coulson who can cross a ball like Passley. It remains to be seen if we have players injured whether players coming in can fill their boots but we probably have the strongest squad I have seen at the club and there is certainly competition for places which will hopefully motivate us to keep the unbeaten run going. Come on Bromley!

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2.5k is still a healthy crowd,still people on holiday and roasting hot.

Where are all the people gone who spent most of last season slagging Webster for lack of pace ?

So pleased for Okoli who’s grown into it.

No doubt the confidence comes from the keeper who has been outstanding.

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