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A classic, Bromley performance that, gritty, determined, workmanlike etc!!

Not a huge amount of quality on show, apart from the odd glimpse from Louis and Corey and of course Cheeky’s superb finish on his left foot (as someone put on the Facebook group, it was Harry Kane-esque!). As you’ve regularly alluded to, it’s been a difficult start to the season for several reasons but that’s now 4 games undefeated and performances are improving with every game. This team is epitomised by Jude Arthurs. I wrote him off at the start of last season but he is probably our most improved player since then. His work rate is second to none and in the first half on the far terrace I could hear him constantly talking to and encouraging Chin and Ben in a manner far beyond his years. I can see him as the next long term captain of this club once Byron calls it a day.

Southend were a very tidy side and knocked the ball around nicely, but as has been proven in this league that’s often not enough. I’m starting to feel a bit more positive about the season now.

One or two shrewd loan signings a la Deji and Stirk from last season and things will definitely be looking a lot more positive for us

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A good read, but in the good you said the stats don't lie for louis Dennis, then proceeded to not name any stats, but just giving subjective points of view. It's a petty thing to comment about, but something that slightly bothered me. What was needed in my opinion was stats for your claim that he is better with Michael Cheek, but not just his goals and assists + anything else to support your claim, but also to compare it with other players such as Marriott. Sorry for the criticism, good read otherwise!

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