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Mar 5, 2023Liked by Machel Hewitt

Editor’s Footnote:

Machel makes some good points in his take on the crowd behind the goal. The atmosphere has been great for the last two games and I've loved being in and among it. "Olé! Olé! Olééé!". Keep it going! It's a much better way to enjoy the game, in my opinion.

BUT, young guns (and old cannons too), calm down on the away crowd baiting. Engage in bit of banter for sure, it's part and parcel, but running down to give it the big'un at the fence is a weak move. Particularly if they've just bagged a goal. It makes you look rattled.

Remember, in many cases, those men, women, and children you’re baiting have travelled half the length of the country to come and support their team. They’re not your enemy, they’re *you* when you travel to watch Bromley. Show a little respect to them, yourself, and your club.

Now, where were we...? Olé! Olé! Olééé!

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